Hako B910 Machine

Advantages for a Hako B910

Short or long rent available



– Turning radius 120 cm, The small turning radius makes the compactly-built Hakomatic B 910 ideal for
cleaning narrow foor spaces.


– Optimal overview, The centralized driver’s seat provides an optimal view of the foor space to be cleaned.
The cockpit can be entered from both sides.

– The comfort seat can be individually adjusted for convenient fatigue-free working.

– Easy to operate Each work process can be started simply by pushing the green Hakomatic button.
All operating elements are in direct visual- and operating range of the driver.

– Perfect base , The parabolic-shaped squeegee provides excellent cleaning results even in curves and on problem foors. The brushes and pads can be easily changed, no tools needed.

– Dosing, flling,emptying The big ex-tank has a capacity of 140 litres. The drain hoses equipped with a built-in dosage system
allow fast emptying. The Hako-Aquastop-System saves up to 50% of water and cleaning agents.